About Us

The mission of the Hungarian National Film Fund, in operation since September 2011, is to contribute to the production of Hungarian films or co-productions that provide art and entertainment for moviegoers and bring significant success both domestically and on an international level.

The Fund is a public institution governed by Hungarian law and its activities are regulated according to the Motion Picture Act (II) of 2004.The Fund provides financial and professional support for script development, project development and production of full-length (at least 70 min.) feature films, documentaries and animated movies for theatrical release. Marketing support is given to completed films, ready for cinema release. Student films and diploma films are also supported, by providing financial and in-kind support to universities specialized in film studies. The Fund functions through a continuous application system.

A Board, consisting of five Hungarian film professionals makes decisions for support. Besides providing financial support, the Fund also offers creative cooperation, professional expertise and international industry contacts for new Hungarian film productions. The international department handles festival and sales activity for Hungarian films.

The representation of Eurimages operates under the umbrella of the Film Fund.The financing for the Fund is automatically derived from the tax revenue earned by the no.6 National Lottery. The Fund’s budget for 2016 is HUF 5.1 billion (EUR 16,2 million). As of December 2016, the Fund has granted production funding for more than 80 projects, including 18 international co-productions, several debut features and documentaries.

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